meet the team


K. Ahmed, Managing Director of the Corporate Filming Services.

“It’s not how many people you have, it’s how many great people you have. We have a world-class team in our division that is committed to superb craftmanship.”

Mr. Ahmed has been working as a freelance camera operator and editor for the past six years. After meeting with the board of directors, they decided to form Corporate Filming Services and pool their collective talents. Mr. Ahmed’s ability to problem solve alongside his ever burgeoning quiver of skills is an invaluable asset to Global Business Promotions. Mr. Ahmed has a passion for photography, video making and designing state of the the art games.

E. Dai, Project Director of Asia Customised Strategic Business Development Projects

“Make Happy Those Who Are Near, and Those Who Are Far Will Come”

Mrs. Dai is Chinese and has a track record with the advanced technology industry in Asia with leading Electronic, Renewable and Organic Electronics Market in China and Taiwan.

Mrs. Dai is actively involved in professional associations such as ITRI, CGC, TUV and Intertek.

Based in Nanjing, China, Mrs. Dai has a long and successful record of helping clients with strategy and other general management challenges. She has particular depth working with significant clients across the high-tech industry and at the intersection of media and technology, but draws upon a variety of cross-industry experience as well.

K. Dei, Global Sales and Service Director of Strategic Business Development Programmes

Mr. Dei has been our Global Sales and Service Director since October 2013. His sales model experience includes implementation, day to day orchestration and management of strategic Project deliveries, VOP (Vendor on Premise) / Staff Augmentation environments, Preferred Partnerships, and Enterprise as well as “ground floor” / startup support and guidance. He is a startup advocate and relationship driven partner with clients across the globe.

Mr. Dei is passionate about branding, technology and entrepreneurship.

Previously, Mr. Dei has held a number of positions within our sales organization. Mr. Dei attended Loughborough University in the Politics, International Relations and European Studies Programme. He has played an influential role in many meetings and events industry associations.

D. Jones, Sales and Service Manager of Strategic Business Development Programmes

Mr. Jones has been our Global Sales and Service Director since May 2015. His sales model experience includes hotel technology and OLED manufacturing project management. He is a veteran in the fashion industry and has over the past year built a solid reputation amongst the hotel technology and OLED market.

A. Ghaffar, Creative Director of Interactive Advertising Tutorials

Mr. Ghaffar has more than 7 years of experience in technical architecture, analysis, programming and team leadership.

He has designed and implemented a unique interactive programme which is being used in a wide range of technology platforms, including Microsoft, Sun and Oracle. The tutorials he has built include telecommunication financial and transaction applications, renewable energy and monitoring applications, and customer web portals. As an expert in business analysis and enterprise architecture, Mr. Ghaffar has a substantial experience building architecture, designing and implementing enterprise information management systems.

Mr. Ghaffar is highly certified in multiple programming disciplines including object-oriented analysis and information system design.